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Angry Birds F1 Tie In Coming 18th June

Rovio is set to make its second tie in title after the success of Angry Birds Rio. This one, twinned with former Finnish F1 driver for McLaren and Lotus, Heikki Kovalainen, will be known as Angry Birds Heikki.

Set to launch on 18th June, there aren't many details available for the game yet, but it would seem likely that short of adding new levels with a new helmet-wearing bird added, it will probably have some sort of racing feature. Chances are there will still be a catapult involved and no doubt there will be some pigs too, but how that can be linked in with Formula 1 is anyone's guess.

One rumour that does have a bit of credence behind it is that this will be a web only game to start with, perhaps being ported to mobile devices in app form later on. In that way, it could be part of a promotion for something Mr Kovalainen is doing. A new Angry Birds game is certainly a good way to get some exposure, considering in total the game series has been downloaded over a billion times.

Source: PocketGamer

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