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Apple Files For Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ban In The USA

Four days after the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) ruled in Apple's favour, the iPad manufacturer moved against Samsung. Apple filed a motion for an immediate Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban across America.

CAFC has decided last week that Apple's patent regarding iPad design is "likely valid." Analysts believe Apple has a good chance in winning the motion.

After this new ban is enforced, all three of the top manufacturers fighting against Apple - Samsung, HTC and Motorola, will be in serious trouble. At the end of last week, the United States International Trade Commission decided to ban imports of Motorola's Android devices, which are suspected to infringe Microsoft's patents.

HTC also couldn't roll-out two of its products in US, as a result of violating Apple's patents. Apple's recent motion to ban Samsung's top tablet comes only days before the scheduled settlement meeting.

Earlier this month, a US District Court judge in California ordered Apple and Samsung to meet under court supervision, to find a way to end their legal dispute. Since then, the two companies have wasted no time in stepping on each other's toes.

Apple even accused Samsung of destroying court evidence. The settlement talks are scheduled to be in a San Francisco courthouse.

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