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Apple To Build Research Facilities In Russia

According to reports published last week by news outlet Izvestia, Apple, Google, Facebook and Symantec are planning to build facilities in the Skolkovo region. Russian authorities have been working to create a high-tech research community to help bring the world's technology leaders into their nation.

Hoping to recreate a high-tech community such as that of California's Silicon Valley, the interest of between 30 to 50 large companies will be needed should the project be a success.

The amount of money needed to fund the project is around $60 million (£38 million). Microsoft, IBM, General Electric, Cisco and other companies are already on board.

Roman Romanovsky, Skolkovo's Operating Director for Key Partners, confirmed that Apple is interested in negotiations. Apple's representatives are, as usual, reluctant to comment on the news.

The Technopark in Skolkovo will include, aside from research facilities, R&D centres for nuclear tech, space tech, biotech, energy efficiency and post start-up. There are also special laboratories plus a retail centre. It is expected that the facilities will take up 90,000 square metres of space.

Source: Izvestia

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