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Government Clarifies Points On G-Cloud

The government has come out defending the G-Cloud project from recent criticism that it's running late, and isn't understood by civil servants.

The latter criticism springs from a VMware study, which observed that senior IT staff in the public sector were broadly negative about the project. Almost two thirds of senior IT bods said that they were unconvinced the government would meet its target of 50 per cent of new IT spending to come through the cloud.

A G-Cloud blog post noted that the author of this survey was previously involved in the original G-Cloud strategy (although that strategy was replaced last autumn).

Furthermore, the post notes that another firm published a different survey back in March which indicated the opposite results.

The post author, Eleanor Stewart, Engagement Manager at GCloud, writes: "Which to us just goes to show that you can't really trust statistics or surveys as you can make them say just about anything you want them too."

Stewart also asserts that the G-Cloud program isn't running late, as is the "perception coming from some quarters". She notes, as we reported this morning, that version 2 of the Cloudstore just went live, and the next round of procurement will be open before the month of May is out - leaving it on schedule to be in place in August.

Source: G-Cloud