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Government Launches New CloudStore 2

The UK government has pushed the second incarnation of the CloudStore live.

After what was described as a slight delay, a blog post noted that the new CloudStore has been built utilising an existing platform - the Government E-Marketplace - and while the services offered on the store are the same, there is improved functionality across the board.

For patrons, this better functionality includes a honed search engine which now facilitates free-form search, alongside filtering of G-Cloud attributes.

It's also now possible to purchase through the store - though you have to be registered to the aforementioned Government E-Marketplace - and compare services and their relative pricing directly. Various other bits of information have also been made available, such as service terms and conditions.

Vendors should also benefit from the improved payment system in terms of customers being more likely to cough up, and they can now make changes to their CloudStore entry directly.

While some folks expected a little more work to have been done, the post notes that the near future and next stage is to: "Focus on improving access to the CloudStore catalogue data so others can create stores tailored to different audiences and look at putting in place ratings and reviews so customers can tell others what they think about the quality of different services."

The next opportunity for vendors to get on board with the store should open next week.

Source: G-Cloud