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Greek Courts Order ISPs To Block Music Sites

Despite its economic woes, Greece has decided to focus the efforts of its courts on forcing Internet service providers to block music sharing websites that it claims are participating in piracy.

This falls in line with several other European countries that have issued block orders to ISPs including the UK - though so far none of the blocks have been proven to do anything, even in The Pirate Bay's case, increasing its user numbers by several millions. Despite this however, Greece is continuing with its censorship plans, considering the property rights of copyright holders above those of an individual's free speech.

Funnily enough though, the sites being blocked in Greece has nothing to do with the popularly blocked Pirate Bay. Instead, the ones being targeted are and The former of the two is an MP3 sales site that offers tracks at low prices. Operated out of Russia, it's more of a money making site than a traditional "sharing is caring" approach. The former was a music forum with some sharing, but it has recently disappeared - making the block seem unnecessary.

The IP address and domain name will be blocked by the country's major ISPs, though chances are the implementation won't be any more sophisticated than we've seen in the UK and elsewhere. Get ready for a lot of Greeks making use of proxy services once the block begins to take effect.

Source: TorrentFreak

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