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HSBC Cash Machines Downed By IT Glitch

HSBC customers were hit by an IT glitch yesterday, with some having problems using cash machines, as well as making both card and online payments.

The trouble struck late yesterday at around 7pm, but as you would expect, the bank fixed the issue pretty swiftly. It was only a short while - around about an hour going by the firm's Twitter account - before the system was running normally again.

Yesterday, HSBC issued a statement to say: "For a short period of time this evening, an IT hardware failure which supported some ATM and debit card transactions meant that a small minority of HSBC customers were unable to withdraw cash or pay for goods.

"We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to customers, we have worked as quickly as possible to restore our service and both are now available again."

So only a small amount of customers suffered at the hands of the IT gremlins, apparently, but the outage affected folks across the whole of the UK. And there were certainly a few who took to Twitter to vent their anger at being unable to spend or access cash.

HSBC later tweeted: "If any customers are still experiencing issues, please contact customer services so we can help 08457 404404."