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Microsoft Offers Students "Buy A PC, Get Free Xbox 360" Deal

Microsoft has relaunched its famous "buy a PC and get a Xbox 360 for free" deal, where students living in the US or Canada have the opportunity to receive a 4GB console so long as they buy one of Microsoft's desktops.

This isn't the first time Microsoft has lent a helping hand to students, with this being the second year in a row for the software company to unveil this offer.

Similar to last year's offer, the terms vary slightly for both countries, with US residents having to purchase a PC worth £440 or more to enjoy the deal, while Canadians only need to pay £378.

A wide range of retailers including Best Buy, Dell, Fry's Electronics, HPDirect, NewEgg and of course, Microsoft itself, have been included in the deal. As for Canada, Best Buy, Dell, Future Shop, Staples and The Source have announced their partnership and will offer the deal to consumers.

Yet for those having to buy a Windows 7 powered PC despite Windows 8 being just around the corner, Microsoft has a solution.

Earlier rumours claimed that starting on 2 June, the Redmond-based company will offer coupons to those buying a Windows 7 computer, which can then be used to upgrade to Windows 8 for a small fee.

Source: Windows Steam Blog