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Samsung Galaxy S3 Rooted Prior to Release

It's not normally a massive shock when a device is rooted prior to its official release, but when the launch is 2012's most anticipated Android smartphone to date, even the most clued-up jailbreakers might be a bit surprised.

The root for the Samsung Galaxy S III arrives from Android developer Chainfire on the XDA-Developers Forum and allows users to optimise the cutting edge handset to fit their needs.

Chainfire says that the process of rooting the new Samsung phone is considerably easier than with other mobiles - including older versions of the Galaxy itself.

He says: "Everybody say thanks to Samsung! I don't always agree with them, but so far they have been and still are the only high-end Android OEM who aren't [severely frustrating] in the unlock department!"

The Samsung Galaxy S III is due to be released later in the month and features a voice assistant, S-Voice, as well as the potential for carrier-free operation.

ITProPortal attended the launch event for the Samsung Galaxy S III, where we have published hands-on pictures and video of the mobile phone - along with comparison features to the Apple iPhone 4S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S II.


Source: Gsmarena