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Panasonic Debuts Wearable Camera

Panasonic has shown off a new wearable camera system designed to improve the safety of those working in the public sector, as well as evidence gathering for police officers, by ensuring that there is always a camera rolling when it's needed.

As it stands, just under two thirds of law enforcement in the United States make use of in-car recording equipment, so the next step was always going to be personal recording equipment on the officers themselves.

Panasonic's new hardware is designed to twin with the Toughbook notebook and software, and will be known as the catchily-named: WVTW310. It will feature a recording capacity of up to 32 hours and will make use of the H2.64 codec for compression. Battery life however will be limited to just 5 hours. Designed for use inside and out, in day or night mode, the camera will also offer wide viewing angles to maximise recorded information.

"With the adoption of wearable cameras, public safety agencies can achieve total situational awareness and a comprehensive and seamless digital camera evidence capture solution, from the field to the courtroom," said Greg Peratt, director of digital video products, Panasonic. "This single camera platform will provide agencies with a wide-angle audio and video record of important officer engagements while ensuring the integrity of the chain of custody, delivering significant time and cost savings in the acquisition, management and review of recorded evidence."

Set to be priced at around $1,000 (£633), the little camera is being shown off for the first time at the Law Enforcement Information Management Conference over the next few days.

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