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1 In 10 Smartphones Will Be Intel Powered By 2015

ARM CEO, Warren East, has been talking turkey about the chance of Intel seeing success in the mobile market, with some surprising results.

Intel, which is totally dominant in the x86 market (to the tune of 80 per cent over AMD), is forging ahead with its attempt to muscle in on the fast expanding smartphone world with its Atom chips.

The likes of the Orange Santa Clara, with a 1.6GHz Atom processor, will be landing in the UK soon, but Intel has its work cut out to break into a crowded market which ARM's licensed tech dominates.

Yet the ARM CEO can see Intel making some serious headway in the near future, apparently. He recently told Dow Jones that by 2014 or 2015, he expects Intel will have snaffled between 5 and 10 per cent of the smartphone market.

Given that 2014 is only a year and a half away now, that would represent a considerable pace for Intel to have picked up pretty swiftly. Is East trying a bit of reverse psychology here? We're not sure.

He did, however, add an interesting comment to balance out that perspective - namely that ARM will break into Intel's domain of the laptop, and take a bigger share of that by 2015. East reckons ARM will capture at least 10 per cent, if not 20 per cent of the notebook market in the same period.

Naturally, this is all guesswork, but it's interesting to hear East's opinion nonetheless. We reckon both counts sound like something of an exaggeration, but the market moves fast, as they say. Particularly the smartphone market.

Source: Into Mobile