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£59.99 Bush 5.1 100W DVD Home Cinema Kit

Bush brings to you 5.1 channel DVD home cinema system with 100W audio output that would fill up your entire room with vibrant sound giving you an excellent home entertainment.

The 5.1 channel speakers comprise a total of 5 speakers and one sub-woofer. Out of the five speakers are 4 satellite speakers with 13W audio output each and the remaining is a central speaker with 13W output as well. The sub-woofer provides 35W of output taking the total RMS output at 100W.

The floor standing speakers can be placed around the room allowing you to create a surround sound effect for whatever you are watching or listening to - be it movies, games or even TV shows. The DVD player that comes with the home cinema kit is equipped with standard SCART connectivity giving you the freedom to connect the player to any standard definition or HD TV.

The home cinema system is energy efficient with standby power consumption of just 1W and an on power consumption of 10W. The home cinema kit comes with a 12 months Argos warranty.

The Bush 5.1 100W DVD Home Cinema Kit is available from eBay for £59.99.