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60 Artists To Perform At iTunes Festival In London

Keeping in 'tune' with a five year tradition, Apple has announced this year's iTunes Festival - which will be hosted at London's Roundhouse.

However, there's been a bit of a change to the tradition - with the iTunes Festival 2012 to be held in September instead of July. The event's dedicated app gave the following details: "30 consecutive nights of incredible live music in one of the UK's best venues, this is the hottest ticket in town."

With 60 acts taking part in the event, some of the musicians in the lineup include Jack White, Norah Jones and One Direction - with Usher opening the festival on 1st September.

People looking to attend the event won't need to buy tickets as invitations are free - distributed through a random drawing.

The iTunes festival is restricted to Apple fans aged 14 years or over, and must reside in either the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ireland, or Netherlands. The iTunes website allows Apple fans to choose their favourite artist and enter the prize draw in order to win a pair of tickets.

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