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A Third Of Consumers Read Marketing Emails On Mobile

Consumers are increasingly reading and responding to marketing emails on their mobile phones, according to the latest piece of research from digital agency Steel.

Steel's report shows that 36 per cent of consumers already read marketing emails on a mobile device, and that figure is 55 per cent for the 18 to 34 age group.

As Steel notes, if your marketing emails aren't designed so they're easily readable on a mobile, then you might be missing out on a good deal of potential custom. The content, and length, of emails need to be tailored, with no rambling long, or image/link filled mails.

The agency makes the point that the subject line is crucial. When asked the question, "Why do you read marketing emails on mobile?", the most popular answer - given by 38 per cent of respondents - was that the subject line sounded interesting.

A third of respondents said they screened their inbox on their mobile, to read relevant sounding mails later on their computer.

Obviously a balance has to be struck in terms of layout, targeting both the mobile and desktop arenas, as emails can be read on either.

One in four of those surveyed indicated that they found marketing emails too difficult to read on their mobile device, with the largest percentage (42 per cent) saying that the main problem was that they were too long, and required too much scrolling. 29 per cent said the layout was wrong for mobile, and 27 per cent claimed there was just too much content in the emails.