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Activision And Bungie Court Documents Reveal Next-Gen Releases

Court documents during the bout between Activision and Ex-Infinity Ward higher ups, Vince Zampella and Jason West, have revealed suspected dates of development and release for next-gen consoles, as well as Activision's own games for those systems.

It began with the outline of a deal between Activision and Bungie signed in 2010, that set out the next decade of development between the two companies - much of it focused on a project called Destiny. It's said as part of that development there will be as much as four games, the first one showing up in the autumn of 2013. It will be available on both the Xbox 360 and 720, though it isn't clear whether this is backwards support for 360 games making this possible, or two different products.

The 360 is definitely receiving some backwards compatibility, however, as the August 2014 release of another game codenamed Comet, will support both systems.

Perhaps the most interesting information in this report however, is that Activision doesn't expect to release a PS4 game until 2016, with intermediate titles listed only as PS3 developments. This suggests that while the PlayStation Orbis is currently slated for an end of 2013 release, it could in fact not be available for several more years. This would give Microsoft and Nintendo a massive advantage in that generation, even if the late release would give Sony more of a powerhouse to work with.

Continuing the oddities, Destiny 1, pegged for the 2013 release on 360 and 720, won't show up on the PS3 until a year later.

Source: MCVUK

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