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Asus To Support Thunderbolt On Upcoming Motherboards

Asus has announced that it will be incorporating the Thunderbolt I/O interface into some of its upcoming desktop motherboards. Apple users have been enjoying the bandwidth of the protocol that's twice as fast as USB 3.0 for over a year, but due to the chicken and egg-like scenario that sees motherboard makers not want to support it if there's no compatible devices, and vice versa, it hit a bit of a stalemate.

However, if past trends are to be adhered to, once Asus motherboard begin appearing with the new thunderbolt ports, we'll start to see lots more devices that support it.

MSI led the way recently with the announcement that it would be supporting Thunderbolt, though Asus' follow up has been a little more comprehensive, with both the P8Z77-V Premium and PRO both coming with a single port. However, while there is only one available as standard, you can daisy chain up to six thunderbolt devices together.

Thunderbolt marketing man at Intel, Jason Ziller, said of Asus' developments:

"Intel and Asus have worked closely on the implementation of Thunderbolt technology onto their motherboards. It is our pleasure to state the P8Z77-V PREMIUM is the first Thunderbolt certified motherboard in the industry, a testament to its solid design and compatibility."

Source: CNET

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