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Bemilo Kid-Safe Mobile Network Launched

Bemilo, which bills itself as the UK's safest mobile network, designed so kids can surf free from the usual web perils, has just flicked the switch on its service and gone live.

The service promises parents full control over their child's mobile phone, using a web page accessed via the Bemilo account.

This portal allows for the adjustment of the child's online privileges at any time, so parents can for example set time limits as to when they can browse the web, so as to avoid their offspring staying up late at night using the handset, or using it in school time.

Parents are given full control over contacts, not just who the child can contact, but who has permission to contact them. Bemilo notes that bullies can be blocked instantly.

The child's calls and text messages can be reviewed in full at any time, and their monthly mobile spend can also be controlled. However, Bemilo allows for emergency calls to family to be made, even if no credit is on the phone.

A Bemilo safety pack starts at £2.95 per month, with calls, text and data purchased as part of a "competitive" PAYG tariff. It can be ordered from now, or The Carphone Warehouse retail outlets next week.

Simon Goff, Founder & Chairman of Bemilo, commented: "Innovation beats regulation. Bemilo has beaten all the regulators to launch the UK's first safe mobile network. Bemilo is the ultimate customer champion, it's the first mobile network in the UK that has listened to parents, offering them complete control of their child's mobile activity, and answers all the concerns of governments and regulators."