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Cupertino Neighbours Receive Apple Campus 2 Brochure

In addition to developing market changing products, Apple also plans to build stylish facilities in Cupertino. However, neighbours of Infinite Loop are worried that the world's top company would significantly disrupt the local lifestyle and add massive traffic to the area.

To avoid any problems, Apple has decided to keep them informed with the project and appease any potential conflict. Apple's project for the future campus that is about to be built in Cupertino is far more sophisticated than the rather mundane name "Campus 2" suggests.

The new campus will have a spaceship appearance with its ring-shaped four-storey building, and will cover 2.8 million square feet (about 260,000 square metres).

Faced with this massive project, upcoming Campus 2 neighbours have voiced concerns regarding the potential added traffic in the area. In order to address any possible PR nightmares, Apple executives have decided to send the project's brochures to Cupertino residents and ask for feedback.

Apple's main headquarters will remain at the Infinitive Loop building. Campus 2 will provide research facilities where 13,000 employees will work. The construction is scheduled to start later this year with the first Apple employees setting up office in 2015.

Source: 9to5Mac

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