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Five-Year Process Of The Nokia 808 PureView Video Appears

The Finnish phone maker has come up with a sleek advertising move, just before its unlocked 808 PureView smartphone hits the US market. A "making of" video, shot entirely with 808 PureView, has appeared online.

The eight minute film proves the smartphone's capabilities and offers a behind the scene glimpse into what it takes to make a Nokia smartphone. The documentary video consists of interviews with the people who were involved in the creation process.

Eero Salmelin and Juha Alakarhu, considered by the company to be the PureView's inventors, are eager to explain where they found inspiration for the smartphone's concept.

Nokia fans can also find out how the device's camera achieves such impressive shots and video recording. The footage unravels the five year process of making the Nokia 808 PureView from conceptualisation to the final product.

The video also presents team members who worked on the video, audio, algorithm and interface design.

Nokia's PureView was introduced in February this year and since then, won 'Best Mobile Device' at Mobile World Congress 2012, and 'Best Imaging Innovation For 2012' from the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA).

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