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Foxconn To Invest £132.6 Million In New Apple Production Line

Reports reveal that Apple's partner, Foxconn, is gearing up for the next line of iDevices. China Daily reports that Foxconn Technology Group is ready to invest $210 million (£132.6 million) in a new Apple production line.

The facilities are to be built in Huai'an city, in the Jiangsu province. The office of Taiwan Affairs of Huai'an city confirmed the news.

Foxconn's new plant will cover 40,000 square metres and will provide jobs for 35,000 people. Compared to other facilities in Apple's supply chain, the new plant is relatively big in size.

Construction will begin this October, but rumours surrounding this matter have been around since April. According to media reports, the output from this new Foxconn plant is expected to between $949 million to $1.1 billion (£600 million to £695 million) yearly.

The import and export value will be approximately $55.8 million (£35.3 million). However, no information has been given about the new Apple products that will be built there.

The sixth generation iPhone is certainly not on the list, since the launch is expected sometime in September or October. The main manufacturing process for Apple devices will still take place in the Shenzhen plant.

Source: ChinaDaily

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