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Google Launches Autocomplete Function Based On Gmail Content

Yesterday Google announced the arrival of its latest feature, the autocomplete ability on Gmail that predicts the results in your search box based purely on your email content. Think of it as your own personal assistant, but one that reads minds and focuses only on your email.

"Today, we are making that experience even better by improving the autocomplete predictions you see when you search in Gmail," Google said.

Google is renowned for pulling up ads based on the contents of your inbox, so it was inevitable that the search giant would go one step further and bring it closer to home. Except this feature will undoubtedly help and not hinder your Gmail experience, what with Google+ introducing more exciting aspects to its social network activity such as Google+ notifications in your Gmail.

"For example, you might now get lax reservation or lax united as predictions after typing "lax" if you have received an email with a flight confirmation for your trip to Los Angeles in your inbox recently," explained Google.

This new function will be making its way first to Gmail users supporting English throughout the week, with Google promising that more languages will be supported over the upcoming months. However, Google added that the new facility will not be available to Google Apps users, although it plans to introduce the service to Apps domains soon.

Source: Ubergizmo

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