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Google Voice Founder Launches New Conference Call Service

FireSpotter Labs, a company backed by Google Ventures headed by Craig Walker, has launched a new service for conference calls, named UberConference.

Walker has a prolific track record with audio technology, having founded Grandcentral which became Google Voice, and from serving as CEO for Dialpad, which became Yahoo Voice.

Those well acquainted with the awkwardness of conference calling will be hoping Walker's know-how is evident in the new programme, which targets slicker and simpler video communication.

The UberConference interface should cut down some of the protracted formalities like introductions, as each participant can be seen on a visual dashboard with their images linking to personal profiles based on public social media information. The feature also indicates who is speaking at a particular time, hopefully reducing irritating overlaps and interruptions.

UberConference has been released in the US as a Freemium model, meaning extra add-ons can be expected for the paying customer. Available through a web browser or iOS app, Walker has stated his intention to keep the service relatively low-priced, claming rival products are too expensive given their quality - or in his opinion, lack of.

Source: Tech Crunch