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iOS Developers Are Ready For The 4in iPhone 5

The Internet has been buzzing about a future iPhone sporting a larger screen for more than a year and iOS developers have had quite some time to think their next move through. If the next iPhone will indeed come with a larger display, iOS developers aren't too worried.

Most reports on this subject suggest the larger iPhone will change the display aspect ratio from 3:2 to 9:5, which means the width will remain the same. The transition process to the new screen size will be "hassle free and smooth," believe developers interviewed by GigaOm.

They rely on Apple's development tools to adapt their work to the new displays. "Apple might help developers transition between form factors by providing a system that would automatically adjust layouts for new resolutions and display aspects," suggests Nelson Gauthier, Localmind's lead iOS developer.

He offers the example of the Cocoa Auto-Layout tool for Mac OS X that Apple revealed last year at WWDC. As we pointed out earlier, Apple will undoubtedly give significant clues to the next line of devices at this year's Worldwide Developer Conference, scheduled in less than a month.

Source: GigaOm

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