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iPhone 4S Jailbreak Release To Arrive In 'A Matter Of Days'

The jailbreak community is pinning their hopes on the work of pod2g who promises a release in the next few days. The developer announced a couple of days ago on his Twitter account that jailbreakers won't have much longer to wait.

"Thanks to awesome work of @planetbeing and @pimskeks, we're near ready for a release. Now it's a matter of days," stated pod2g. The hacker informed us that he succeeded in jailbreaking his iPhone 4S that was running on iOS 5.1.1.

The new jailbreak developed by pod2g is expected to be compatible with a wider range of iOS devices, including iPhone 4 and 4S, all three iPad generations, as well as the third and fourth iPod models.

The challenge is to adapt the jailbreak solution to different devices, powered by different generation chips. Developers working to serve the jailbreaking community are well aware that they will have to up their efforts as iOS 5.1.1 has a very fast adoption rate.

In addition, Apple is planning to release iOS 6 soon, some say next month. Previously, the developer posted a demo video revealing the jailbreaking of his new iPad running on iOS 5.1.

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