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ITProPortal Morning Roundup 22-05-12

Earlier this year, Google's decision to merge with Motorola was approved by the European Commission and the US Department of Justice. Now, the Chinese authorities have approved Google's $12.5 billion (£7.9 billion) purchase of Motorola Mobility. The Chinese legislation requires that every company selling products or services worth more than $63 million on the local market, or $1.5 billion worldwide, should be granted approval from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

Windows 8's user interface has been completely revamped with the addition of the Metro style, and even the standard desktop mode was tweaked to offer more functionality. Now, developers have announced that the upcoming version will lack a prestigious feature: Aero. The Aero glass interface was introduced in 2003 as a direct consequence of competition and of course, user feedback, Microsoft wishing to catch up with the translucency effects which could have been found at the time in Mac OS X.

It's not normally a massive shock when a device is rooted prior to its official release, but when the launch is 2012's most anticipated Android smartphone to date, even the most clued-up jailbreakers might be a bit surprised. The root for the Samsung Galaxy S III arrives from Android developer Chainfire on the XDA-Developers Forum and allows users to optimise the cutting edge handset to fit their needs.

Rovio is set to make its second tie in title after the success of Angry Birds Rio. This one, twinned with former Finnish F1 driver for McLaren and Lotus, Heikki Kovalainen, will be known as Angry Birds Heikki. Set to launch on 18th June, there aren't many details available for the game yet, but it would seem likely that short of adding new levels with a new helmet-wearing bird added, it will probably have some sort of racing feature.

Eduardo Saverin's decision to renounce his US citizenship in order to avoid paying taxes hasn't gone down well in the tech world, and now it seems that even the feds are getting involved - with Speaker of the House, John Boehner, declaring Saverin's act as "absolutely outrageous". Stating that it was "already against the law," Boehner referred to legislation passed back in the 90s by Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, whereby Americans who renounce their citizenship for tax avoidance purposes are excluded reentry into the US.