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Kodak Failed To Prove That Apple And RIM Violated Its Patents

US International Trade Commission judge, Thomas Pender, ruled in favour of Apple and RIM over a patent infringement case, filed by Kodak two years ago. Kodak already announced it would appeal before a Washington commission, which can enforce import bans for products infringing US patents.

Earlier this year, Apple was looking to fire back against Kodak's accusations and file its own patent infringement case. In January, Kodak filed for bankruptcy protection arguing Apple owes the company $1 billion (£638 million) for infringing its patent for digital image-preview technology.

Judge Thomas Pender has decided that Kodak's patent is not valid, which will most likely have a negative impact on the value of Kodak's assets. Analyst Shannon Cross reveals that the recent decision "adds another risk factor, or concern, for anybody who's looking at the value of the IP portfolio, because Kodak is still looking to sell it."

Kodak's chief intellectual property officer, Timothy Lynch, has a completely different perspective on the situation. He explained in a statement that the recent ruling "represents a preliminary step in a process that we are confident will conclude in Kodak's favour."

He also added that "Kodak has invested billions of dollars to develop its pioneering digital imaging technology, and we intend to protect these valuable assets."

Source: NY Times

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