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Microsoft Changes Messenger Social And Windows Live Profile

Microsoft has realised that to maintain a good social media following, its users prefer connecting via Windows Live or Windows Phone in order to manage all their web activities from the same profile. Thus, it has decided to bring some significant changes to Messenger Social and the Windows Live profile, in an attempt to refocus its priorities.

First of all, web activities will no longer be supported in Windows Live Profiles, a fact which can already be seen in the Services page of the application. This feature was used to share Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and other updates to Messenger connected contacts.

Starting this July, Microsoft will also remove the General profile info, Education info, Social info and even Favourite things functions, with these categories being listed as unnecessary profile information.

Microsoft's plans include continuing to improve a wide range of services which can be connected to Windows Live, such as RSS Feeds, Qzone, Xiami, YouTube, Flickr, Weibo,, YouKu, LinkedIn , Facebook as well as many more.

Speaking of social networks, over the weekend Microsoft released their own social facility: The service was developed by Microsoft's FUSE labs and it's now out of beta, with new users able to sign up with either a Windows Live or Facebook account. has been designed as a research-based tool that targets an audience formed mainly by academics, working under the same premise as Pinterest: extracting content from other sources and sharing it to