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Mobile Providers Waste Millions On Facebook Marketing

There is no definitive link between Facebook Likes and profitability, says research firm Strand Consults, whose a recent report suggests that mobile operators are wasting resources in Facebook marketing.

The firm's analysis shows that less than two per cent of mobile operators' customers "Like" them on Facebook, despite millions of dollars spent on social media marketing. But even in those cases where companies have managed to develop a social media presence, that alone has not proved enough to drive sales and profitability.

"Measurable does not equate to meaningful" and mobile operators' drive for increased likes is often a function of their desperation, the report posits.

Rather than wasting money, and time, on Facebook marketing, providers would be better off investing in proven methods like email, newsletters and search, the firm asserts. While only a third of a per cent of subscribers can be reached through Facebook, email offers operators a greater opportunity to create "meaningful, authentic messages and deliver them to customers in a personalized way."