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Ordissimo Reveals Easy-To-Use Computers For Beginners

A new line of Ordissimo laptops promises easy, hassle-free computing for beginners.

Targeting the 15 million UK users who "do not feel comfortable with computers", the range is available with 15in and 17in displays and features a simple, graphical interface that allows users to navigate between simple functions like a web browser, webcam, calendar and other applications.

In addition to easily accessible programs, Ordissimo computers boast a simple keyboard, on which each button represents a singular function.

Unlike traditional PCs and laptops, there is no need to combine keys for hidden functions like typing symbols or copying and pasting text. As well, a handy zoom function allows users to easily magnify and reduce the size of text and images on the screen.

But despite its target audience, with a price tag of £599 for the 15in and £899 for the 17in, the Ordissimo sure isn't priced for beginners.

Ordissimo is the brainchild of French-based company Substantiel SAS and is likely to have a lukewarm welcome in the UK given that bog standard laptop without the customisable keyboard and user interface can be had for significantly less.