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Samsung S Voice & Other Apps Leaked From Galaxy S3

Samsung's new S Voice feature, one of the items of launch software on board the Galaxy S III to make it unique, has been whipped off the flagship handset and leaked online.

Now other Android users can have a play with the Siri imitator, although be warned, the reaction to S Voice thus far hasn't been hugely positive.

Apparently XDA member "PlaYOuT" extracted and leaked the S Voice software, making it available for download to everyone, and doubtless also making Samsung more than a bit cross. Allegedly, the leaked version works without any problems.

S Voice isn't the only leakage either, with other apps and widgets are being stripped from the Galaxy S III.

A fellow going by the handle of "ithehappy" has made YouTube, FM Radio, GTalk and AccuWeather available, alongside digital clock widgets from the S III, and also ringtones from the smartphone.

Clear instructions are provided on how to run these various bits and bobs, alongside the downloads.

The Galaxy S III is unleashed a week today, complete with the ‘not quite so exclusive' S Voice feature, and will be available on deals as cheap as £26 per month on Vodafone. Check out our hands on preview of the handset, if you want to read up further on the much awaited device.


Source: GSM Arena