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Sidecar On Reinventing The Phone Call

Sidecar, which is exiting its closed beta today, is looking to change the way that the world makes phone calls - believing that it is important to keep that aspect of our communication alive, instead of resorting only to texts, status updates and tweets.

To achieve its goal of renovating the aging phone call, Sidecar now has two applications, one for iOS and one for Android, each allowing for voice calls to also share location data, images, short "whisper" messages, all through WiFi, negating any worry of the amount of time spent on the phone.

You can also live video stream through the same application during the call, allowing for the age old "check this out" call, but with video evidence. The idea is that the conversations people have can be focused around the abilities of the app. For instance, using the location data, you could call a friend and discuss where you would like to meet up, both of you viewing the same map or list of potential restaurants.

Sidecar also uses a phone's proximity sensor to tell if you're holding the phone to your ear or not, so if you remove it to use an application, it will automatically turn on the external speaker.

Made up of a lot of Real Networks alumni, Sidecar hopes to one day work with the telephone networks to help move phone calls into the 21st century.

Source: TechCrunch

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