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Sony Launches Music Subscription Service

Sony has launched an iOS app for its music subscription service, three weeks after reigning subscription service Spotify released its iPad app.

The service, which Sony has aptly named Music Unlimited, offers users unlimited streaming access to its library of 15 million songs for a monthly fee. The basic plan, which runs $3.99 per month, allows mobile playback, as well as ad-free listening with unlimited skips. Users also have access to Sony's music recommendation service to discover new songs and artists.

The premium plan costs $9.99 and, in addition to the perks offered in the basic plan, allows listeners to control individual playback, as well as to create and manage playlists from the Music Unlimited web app. Other advantages for premium users include access to the top charts as stratified per genre.

The app is available for iPhone and iPod touch and is iPad-compatible. It's currently only available in the New Zealand app store, but will soon be launching in other countries.

It will compete with the likes of Spotify and MOG.