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Sony Xperia GX Photos Spilled

The first sample shots taken with the Sony Xperia GX's 13-megapixel camera have been posted online. A couple of snaps were taken by an anonymous source, using a pre-release version of the Android handset.

They're taken indoors, and unfortunately the lighting isn't ideal, but nonetheless it's obviously interesting to see the sort of detail picked up.

Here's one of the shots, have a look for yourself:

They look fairly reasonable to us, particularly given the conditions and with a decent level of clarity.

The Xperia GX has some pretty tasty specs alongside that 13-megapixel camera, with a 4.6in HD resolution display, a dual-core 1.5GHz processor and 16GB of memory.

It's expected to launch in Japan, where it will be the first Sony smartphone to run on an LTE network, with connection speeds of up to 75Mbps.

However, there have also been rumours that the Ice Cream Sandwich toting handset may see an international release outside of Japan. And apparently, these pictures were snapped with the international version of the smartphone, according to the chap who took them.

Yet, the device's model number is listed as SO-04D, which is the NTT DoCoMo handset's designation. So whether or not the phone will actually see an international launch, still remains to be seen.

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Source: GSM Arena