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Tizen OS Devices To Be Launched This Year

A new range of devices based on the operating system Tizen - developed by Samsung and Intel - is going to make its appearance sometime in the next few months. It is based on Intel's MeeGo and Samsung's LiMo platforms.

News about Tizen has been around since last September, when Intel and Samsung announced their cooperation for this purpose. The Tizen Association counts board members not only form the two companies, but also from carriers like NTT DoCoMo, Orange, NEC, Panasonic, Sprint, Vodafone, SK Telecom and Telefonica.

Purportedly, the Association is working with the Linux foundation. The report also states that major tech manufacturers such as Acer, Asustek Computer and High Tech Computer (HTC) are interested in Tizen and are looking to integrate it in their future lines of devices.

Asustek and Acer are expected to release the first Tizen-based devices "before the end of the third quarter," in emerging markets.

Previous rumours were suggesting that Samsung planned to increase investment in the Tizen platform and probably plans a new line of high-end smartphones running on this OS.

Source: DigiTimes

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