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Xperia Smartphones To Get Personalised Covers

Unless you own an iPhone, or the latest flagship Android device, fitted smartphone cases and covers can be hard to find.

Sony has taken this matter into its own hands by partnering up with "leading accessory brands to enable true personalisation of your Xperia smartphones".

“As you know, design, hardware as well software, is a key part of the Xperia smartphone and Smart accessory creation and development process", states Sony in a blog post.

"However, we don’t manufacture the cases and shells that can give your smartphone that extra cool individual look.”

As Sony Mobile doesn't make cases and accessories in-house, and instead of trying to compete with the established covers and cases manufacturers, it has decided to collaborate.

Announced in the Sony Xperia Product Blog, the partnership currently extends to 10 different manufacturers: CaseMate, AGF, Incipio, Krusell, Dicota, Copter, Muvit, Roxfit, Orbyx, and Shinnorie.

The accessories, cases and other products resulting from these collaborations are scheduled to be available 'from mid-May".

Recently Sony Mobile also announced that Sony Xperia S users will be able to download Android 'Ice Cream Sandwich' 4.0 by early June. The update will roll out to unlocked, unbranded mobiles first, and then devices under contract at the mobile carriers' discretion.