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£109.99 Buffalo 2TB LinkStation Live NAS

With storage capability of 2TB and equipped with Fast Ethernet, the Buffalo Linkstation Live 2TB NAS will let you store and share tons of data - be it documents, videos, photos, music.

Storing of data is quite simple and you can share the data with your near and dear ones even if they are on the other side of the globe. Beyond sharing you can even enjoy watching videos saved on the NAS on networked TV at home. In case you are on your holidays and want to share photos and videos with your friends back home, you can do that as well by uploading photos from your smartphone to the NAS and making them available immediately for friends.

With Buffalo WebAccess, the NAS is accessible over the Internet with any device - be it a smartphone or a laptop or a tablet, and you can download and upload files as you need them. There is also a Timer ON/OFF function that powers the drive only during programmed time periods.

The NAS has a 2TB hard drive that is just about right for everyday home users who want to make sure that their precious personal data is safe somewhere.

There is no restriction on the types of OS required for accessing the NAS. You can use the NAS along with a desktop powered by the Windows and MAC family of operating systems.

The Buffalo 2TB LinkStation Live NAS is available from for £109.99 delivered.