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60GB Sandisk Ultra SSD Drops Down To £40

The price of solid state drives is falling gradually, in line with what we saw with flash memory cards and USB flash drives and there's one model which caught our eyes.

The Sandisk Ultra SSD costs a mere £40 at Novatech and comes with a 60GB capacity which makes it ideal as a system drive. What's more, it is so cheap that it does make sense to put a pair of those in RAID-0 and watch your computer fly.

Using MLC flash and a SandForce SF-1200 controller, It boosts read speeds of up to 280Mbps and up to 270Mbps write speeds. At around 67p per GB, this is probably one of the cheapest low capacity models on the market and comes from a reputable manufacturer.

Sandisk says that this SSD will boot up a standard system up to twice as fast and will launch applications up to 16x faster than an average 7200RPM hard disk drive.

Given that it is a 2.5-inch model, it should in theory slot in a laptop quite easily as well. Novatech also sells a 120GB model for £65, which represents even better value as prices per GB approach 50p.

Source : Novatech