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Apple To Release Taller iPod Touch And iPhone 5 With Revamped Camera

New additions to the series of leaked parts coming from Apple's future generation iPod and iPhone, could give some indications about the company's plans. Apart from giving the next iPhone a larger display, Apple is also preparing a future iPod Touch with a 3.95in screen.

This new rumour is based on recently leaked pictures of a front panel from the next generation iPod Touch. The source of these images says the panel measures 4.1in diagonally.

If Apple indeed plans to release a 4in iPhone, the company could very well have the same plan for the next iPod Touch, say analysts.

The source has also published pictures of what are supposed to be iPhone 5 parts. If the images are genuine, we no know a bit more about the device's home button, front and rear cameras.

The supposed iPhone 5 components reveal slight differences from the current models. When it comes to camera parts, the supplier says they require further investigation, so the information must be taken with a pinch of salt.

The previous reportedly leaked iPhone 5 parts are an earphone jack, a home button key, and a SIM card tray. We're still a long way from the whole device however.

Source: MacRumors

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