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Apple Testing 3.9in iPhone 5 With 1,136 x 640 Resolution

Some new information has pointed out that the screen of the next iPhone will still be under 4in. According to recent reports, Apple is testing prototypes to figure out what size and aspect ratio works best.

The candidate models tested in Apple's headquarters are reportedly codenamed N41AP (iPhone 5,1) and N42AP (iPhone 5,2), and are only meant for internal use, so don't look for them in any bars in San Francisco.

Reports say that both these prototypes feature a 3.999in display. Apple is looking not only to increase the size of the display without moving away from the current Retina resolution, but also to add more pixels to the screen.

The new display resolution will be 640 x 1,136, compared to iPhone 4S' 640 x 1,136. This means that the new iPhone will feature a screen with the same width of 1.9632 inches, but will grow to 3.484 inches tall.

Analysts figured out these new measures by use of the 16:9 aspect ratio. Further reports seem to support these findings, as iOS 6, which will be the default platform for iPhone 5, could feature a home screen with a fifth row of icons.

Source: 9to5Mac

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