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Apple Will Use Bluetooth 4.0 And iCloud For iWallet

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is spreading but Apple seems to be "thinking different" by denying its use. Apple is though likely to deploy the Bluetooth 4.0 standard in its upcoming mobile payments service.

Pablo Saez Gil of Research Farm is confident that Apple's iWallet will not mean the company will start offering support for NFC. So far, the NFC technology has gathered many powerful adepts from technology companies and financial institutions.

Google Wallet, MasterCard's Paypass Wallet, Visa's PayWave and Barclay's BarclayCard are just a few of the mobile payment system relying on NFC. Apple, on the other hand, has decided to provide more support for the Bluetooth standard.

Currently, Apple's top devices feature Bluetooth Low Energy, which, apart from the obvious energy saving advantages, enables long distance connection between devices.

Instead of embracing NFC, which requires the vendors' commitment to the technology, Apple could introduce an app enabling Bluetooth transactions that rely on iCloud.

"While NFC still has the largest momentum behind it, it is clearly losing steam. Innovators are instead focusing on solutions that can be launched into the market right away and we think there is nothing more ubiquitous and ready-to-use available today than the cloud," says Pablo Saez Gil.

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