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Fabrice Muamba Twitter Troll Liam Stacey Banned From University

Twenty-one year old Liam Stacey, the biology undergraduate jailed for posting offensive tweets about footballer Fabrice Muamba, has been suspended from Swansea University.

News of his ban came after Stacey was released from jail after serving only half of his 56-day sentence, when just hours before issuing a public apology to the Bolton Wanderers midfielder, university chiefs imposed a full suspension on the final year student until the end of the academic year. The punishment also bars Stacey from setting foot on the university grounds during the same period.

A university representative said: ''The university would not normally make public the outcome of any disciplinary proceedings, but in this case we are doing so with the agreement of the student.

''The student concerned remains suspended for the remainder of this academic year and is not allowed to return to campus, but he will be given the opportunity to sit his final exams as an external candidate next year at another venue and, if successful, to graduate in absentia.

''He will remain excluded from the campus. Swansea University deplores racism and has policies in place to ensure equality for staff and students.''

Source: Telegraph

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