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Gem And Roku Team Up For UK Debut

Gem and Roku have joined forces for the UK debut of the latter's streaming service and hardware, bringing two of the company's models to the British market: the Roku LT and the Roku 2 XS.

Working in a similar manner to the many other streaming jukeboxes out there from Western Digital, ACRyan, Popcorn Hour and others, the Roku device streams TV channels, provides YouTube access, along with services like Netflix and Facebook. It also allows you to essentially network your TV, meaning any downloaded content from your PC can be streamed directly to your living room.

The Roku 2 XS model also supports some limited game functionality, including Angry Birds, Pac-Man and Galaga.

Speaking with MCVUK, Gem's purchasing director Anthony Haworth said: "At Gem we're always working to bring new revenue streams to our partners and Roku offers diversification for our gaming customers without moving too far away from their core business.

"£49.99 for the Roku 2 LT which has over 100 channels, most of which are free, is an excellent offer for consumers."

Streaming boxes like this, combined with services like Netflix make for a very real threat to traditional TV firms like Sky and Virgin's digital packages in the UK. With movies and TV shows on demand and the ability to stream downloaded content - even record to some devices - why would you bother with a £35+ a month subscription?

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