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HTC Wins Patent For Book-like User Interface

A couple of days ago, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted HTC a patent for a book-inspired user interface. The company applied for this patent almost four years ago, in December 2008, which was at the time, a revolutionary move.

HTC's new patent could find its way into the company's future tablets or smartphones and it is meant to simplify the user's experience while browsing through the device's content.

The patent describes how "a plurality of computer programs and a web browser executable on the electronic device [is organised] into a virtual book." Each page of this virtual book has its own user interface with easily accessible content.

The user will be able to slide his finger on the display to look for content or to change applications, as if he were browsing through a book. A table of contents will help the user locate the desired application.

The Taiwanese company has figured out a way to eliminate clutter from home screens and even brought a fresh approach to content browsing.

However, it remains to be seen if the company will try to alter its Sense platform that adds functionality to Android on HTC devices. Some even suggest HTC could start developing a new OS relying on the new patent.

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