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Huawei Confirms Working on a Windows Phone 8 Device

Huawei has officially confirmed that the company is working on and will release a Windows Phone 8 device, as soon as the platform launches. The news comes right after the company's meeting with Steve Ballmer at the Windows Partner Summit in Tokyo.

The announcement was made by Huawei's senior vice president Yu Chengdong , who posted a message on the company's Weibo blog, stating that it would indeed be creating a Windows Phone 8 handset.

Although no details were stated and the translation is pretty misleading, the Chinese manufacturer is expected to be amongst the first to create an Apollo handset that will target the low-end segment of the market.

Chengdong actually described Huawei as amongst the first who will supply Windows Phone 8 equipment, possibly even being the one that will break the ice.

Huawei is expected to provide low-cost smartphones that will not pose a challenge to high-end competitors, a hint that Apollo may well be supported by lower-tier handsets. Previous rumours even talked about a device that will cost around £200 and would have a 4in screen.

The Chinese company could choose Leap Wireless to represent them in the future, a US carrier which already distributes several low cost smartphones built by Huawei. Some of the models can also be found in the UK, including the Honor, Blaze, Explorer and the Ideos X5.

Source: Weibo