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ITC Judge Calls For Ban On Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox gaming consoles should be banned from import to the US, an International Trade Commission judge has recommended.

Microsoft should be penalised for infringing on Motorola-held patents for a technology that enables video transmission and compression between a console and its controllers, Judge David Shaw wrote in a court document released on May 21st.

The ruling calls for a full ban on Xbox imports and sales, as well as for a steep fine to be paid by Microsoft.

Judge Shaw countered Microsoft's argument that a ban would eliminate competition in the gaming console arena by writing that "there is a strong public interest in enforcing intellectual property rights" over potential economic impacts.

The ITC's board of commissioners will have to approve, amend or reject the ruling by August 23rd, after which point the President will have 60 days to sign the order before it goes into effect.

The recommendation comes only days after the ITC granted Microsoft a perceived victory in the intellectual property battle by deciding that Motorola's Android tablets and smartphones should be banned from the US. That ruling was the result of a December 2011 finding by the ITC that the telecommunications giant, which was recently purchased by Google for $12.5 billion, is in violation of a Microsoft patent for technology that enables users to generate "meeting requests and group scheduling from a mobile device."