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ITProPortal Morning Roundup 23-05-12

Despite the implementation of Pirate Bay blocks, site shutdowns as well as increased pressure from media copyright lobbyists, file sharing is continuing unabated according to a new Swedish survey of 15-25 year olds, because they just don't see it as doing something wrong. Conducted as part of the Cybernorms research project at Lund University, which took into consideration laws like IPRED and the Data Retention Directive, the survey turned up expected results.

Amazon has announced that Android users can now try before they buy when perusing the company's Appstore, thanks to the new Test Drive feature. New for Android anyway, as the feature has existed on for just over a year.

Sony has launched an iOS app for its music subscription service, three weeks after reigning subscription service Spotify released its iPad app. The service, which Sony has aptly named Music Unlimited, offers users unlimited streaming access to its library of 15 million songs for a monthly fee. The basic plan, which runs $3.99 per month, allows mobile playback, as well as ad-free listening with unlimited skips.

A new range of devices based on the operating system Tizen - developed by Samsung and Intel - is going to make its appearance sometime in the next few months. It is based on Intel's MeeGo and Samsung's LiMo platforms. News about Tizen has been around since last September, when Intel and Samsung announced their cooperation for this purpose.

Users still running Windows Mobile 6.x should check for updates and downloads, as the Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6.x devices is being shut down from today. Consumers will no longer be able to browse, buy or download apps for their phones via the Marketplace. Applications will continue to run, but reinstalls and updates will no longer be available.