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ITProPortal Noon Roundup 23-05-12

Google has gone to town with an interactive doodle this morning, celebrating the 78th anniversary of the birth of Robert Moog. Robert Moog, born in New York on this day in 1934, was the inventor of the famous Moog synthesiser, and also the Minimoog, along with various other bits of technical music-based gadgetry.

A collection of sketches of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 has been leaked, revealing numerous changes to the user interface. These "improvements" mainly affect the way the user will perceive multitasking, tile grouping, the lockscreen and other elements of the OS. First of all, some pictures suggest that multitasking will bring the currently used application to the forefront of the screen, but will not occupy the entire display.

Professor Nigel Shadbolt has been talking about the plans for the government's Open Data Institute (ODI), the centre which aims to promote the coalition's open data policy to the benefit of businesses. The £10 million project is being headed up by Shadbolt and Tim Berners-Lee, with the idea being to incubate and nurture new businesses making use of the government's open data, driving the country's economic growth forward as a result.

Imperva, which provides security solutions for high-value business data, has released its May Hacker Intelligence report, which focuses on the dangers exposed by a recent attack on a social networking site for lonely members of the military. The database of was targeted by hackers in March this year, who accessed sensitive information on more than 170,000 members.

The RAC's 2012 Report on Motoring has found that there has been an increase in not only drug-driving, but also a huge leap in the number of drivers foolishly attempting to check Facebook and their email when behind the wheel. In fact, in the 25 to 44 year old age bracket, there has been a 50 per cent increase in those who are accessing social networks and email while driving.