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Kinect For Windows SDK v1.5 Released

Microsoft has released the latest 1.5 version of the Kinect SDK bundle for Windows, which contains improvements that allow developers to create content for the sensor more accurately and easily.

This build comes as a successor to the first edition (1.0) and brings compatibility with legacy binaries for the SDK, driver and even runtime components. Also, the SDK package has been divided into two parts: one which contains the core of the software and a developer toolkit which comes as a separate client.

The Kinect Studio was added, a new tool allowing users to record and playback Kinect data to help them while developing. As developers suggest, it can be used to see how customers interact with the environment and use the data when developing applications.

In addition, skeletal tracking in near proximity is now available alongside its "Seated" version, as well as a new face tracking SDK, joint orientation and documents improvements. Several bugs have been fixed and the system is now said to be more stable.

The speech recognition feature has also been revamped to include support for various dialects of English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and French.

Lastly, the overall quality of the RGB system has been improved for the 640 by 480 pixel resolution, in both 30 and 15 fps video moes, with sharper and more colour-accurate images in high and low lighting conditions.

Source: Microsoft