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Microsoft Aims to Sell 350 Million Windows 7 PCs in 2012

The launch of Microsoft's newest version of the Windows operating system is getting close, the Windows 8 event being rumoured to be held in October. With all the work in progress for this new star, Microsoft has big expectations for its current Windows 7 OS.

As Bloomberg reported, Microsoft's aim is to ship 350 million Windows 7 devices by the end of 2012. Another interesting and quite optimistic statement comes from Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer, who said at a forum in Seoul, South Korea: "It [would] make Windows the most popular single system". Unfortunately he didn't come with any figures for comparison.

Ballmer will probably rely on the latest Microsoft deal to sell that number of copies, a deal which is rumoured to offer upgrading coupons to anyone purchasing a Windows 7 computer from June 2nd.

Right after Windows 8 arrives, these coupons can be used to upgrade from Windows 7 Home or higher editions to Windows 8 Pro, for a small fee.

Another Microsoft goal is to surpass Apple in the tablet market with the launch of Windows 8. The big advantage of this new OS is that it can be used in touch-screen devices, so it will bring back a large number of consumers.

Source: Bloomberg