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New iPad Gets Trapped Inside Ice Block And Remains Functional

The latest stress test on the third generation iPad seems rather cruel, but relevant for what Apple's tablet can take without breaking. The boys and girls from ZooGue have found an intriguing way to promote their iPhone and iPad case business.

They sealed the third generation iPad in a bag filled with water and left the bag in a freezer. Through the transparent cover of the bag, and a few inches of ice, we could see the frozen new iPad still working.

The two-minute demo video posted on YouTube has revealed that the iPad remains perfectly functional even if it is trapped in an ice block. The images kept rotating according to the device's orientation and the sleep/wake functions were still active.

As the video unravels, the faint-hearted should avert their eyes as soon as the ZooGue guy says to"carefully remove the ice." In fact, he climbs on a stair and drops the new iPad from about 2.5 metres to break the ice block.

Strangely enough, he says the iPad is still working. We're going to pretend that we didn't notice the frames jumping at 1:17 - 1:19 and admit we are kind of impressed.

They did their best to convince us that we don't need iPad protective cases but after a real drop test, made with the new iPad, showed it to be more fragile than its predecessor, it seems somewhat of a necessity.

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